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Hi, I’m Meg and I’m a blogger in my twenties from Florida. I competed in horse shows in Wellington as a junior, majored in English in college, and then moved to Los Angeles and worked in the commercial video production and music industry. After a few years of hikes to the Hollywood sign and booking travel for bands, I decided I missed the east coast way too much and moved back to south Florida, where I began working in E-commerce for the headquarters of a popular resort wear and lifestyle brand.

When I found myself living in Wellington, I also counted the days until the first weekend in January when I would be able to re-visit the horse show world that I had to take a break from while in college and living in the city. Wellington and the Winter Equestrian Festival were where I spent my junior riding years competing and making memories that are still my most cherished today. Twelve weeks of photos, friendships, early mornings, late nights, and an endless list of new dreams and goals later, I officially launched “Meg At…” (also known as “Meg at WEF”), a horse show blog that covers events in a relatable way for its passionate audience of junior and amateur riders and loyal fans of the equestrian lifestyle.

I couldn’t have imagined that in April 2015 I would take a leap and quit my full time job to start this blog about horses, to travel up and down the east coast and to tell the stories behind shows that I have always wanted to go to. After WEF in 2015, I traveled for several months to Old Salem, Kentucky Spring, Tryon Spring, the Upperville Colt & Horse Show, Tryon Summer, the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships, Breyerfest, Kentucky Summer, Pony Finals, the New Albany Classic, the Central Park Horse Show, Tryon Fall, and then back to Florida.

Along the way, I knew that if I were to commit to a “real” job working for one company again, I would want to keep being able to do the things I love doing: meeting people as passionate as I am about horses and sharing their experiences at horse shows. In August, I made the decision to accept a job offer that encouraged me to do this and more at some of the most impressive shows I have been to. I now also work for Equestrian Sport Productions and the companies that run Tryon International Equestrian Center and the Winter Equestrian Festival. Specifically, I work in marketing, social media and creating online content that articulates the fun and energy of these shows.

As of August 2015, I continue to share stories on my blog from the horse world that I live and love, but now with a more personal focus on giving you a behind-the-scenes look into my experiences and travels and my career in the equestrian industry. I’m excited to continue highlighting the journeys of other equestrian professionals, riders and anyone else who agrees that this sport has a way of making you wear your heart on your sleeve.

For equestrians, by an equestrian – behind the lens, on the page, and at the show with you.

Thank you so much for following my journey!





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