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I’m sitting here at home in Florida reflecting on how amazing this past summer, and year, has been. Two years ago, I was living in Los Angeles without plans to move back to the east coast, even though I missed it all the time. I had just retired my horse after graduating from college. One year ago, I had only recently moved to Florida, but as of New Year’s my limited plan for getting back into the horse world was to visit the Winter Equestrian Festival so that I could reminisce about riding as a junior. Earlier this year, I couldn’t have imagined that in April I would quit my full time job to start this blog about horses, to travel up and down the east coast and to tell the stories behind shows that I have always wanted to go to.

There are so many moments that stick out to me as I look back on the past few months. Meeting riders and families and spending hours at a time sitting and talking with them about our sport. Arriving in Kentucky in the spring and seeing my first sunset over miles of hills dotted with the silhouettes of horses. Huddling around a flat screen, surrounded by other horse lovers, and witnessing the first Triple Crown winner of my lifetime on a summer night in Upperville, VA. Listening to the inspiring stories from the owners of small businesses and equestrian brands who had an idea and made it happen all on their own, and who continue to work hard to be a part of the industry because once upon a time we all fell in love with horses. And thanks to the kindness and friendship of a few amazing riders I met this summer, I even had the opportunity to get back on horses and ride occasionally, which I’m not even sure I can adequately express how much that meant to me or how excited I was to be in the saddle again. If only I could put into words how I felt on the drive home afterward. All summer I would end show days tired and hungry, but incredibly grateful. I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of sharing these adventures with everyone who takes time to read the blog or follows along on Instagram or Facebook.

Along the way, I knew that if I were to commit to working for one company again, I would want to keep being able to do the things I love doing: meeting people as passionate as I am about horses and sharing their experiences at horse shows. I recently made the decision to accept a job offer that would encourage me to do this and more at some of the most impressive shows I have been to. I’m excited to announce that I’ll now be working for Equestrian Sport Productions and the companies that run Tryon International Equestrian Center and the Winter Equestrian Festival. Specifically, I will be helping with their marketing, social media and creating content that articulates the fun and energy of these shows. I’ll be bringing you the stories, experiences and special moments from them that I had previously been doing on my blog, while also working with you to make these horse shows your favorite ones to go to. I want to hear what you want at these shows so I can help make that happen.

So what will happen with my blog, Meg At…? It will still continue, but with a more personal focus on giving you a behind-the-scenes look into my experiences and travels. I’m also excited to continue highlighting the stories of other equestrian professionals, riders and anyone else who agrees that this sport has a way of making you wear your heart on your sleeve. I’ll still be providing fun horse show observations like Hunters 101 or a new group of Riders to Watch too. This also means you’ll get to see even more pictures and stories from me, not just here or on Instagram or Facebook, but also on the official social media and websites for the shows I’ll be working for.

What’s next? Immediately, I’ll still be attending the New Albany Classic independently as their Official Blogger in less than two weeks (!!!) and sharing my experience on here. I can’t wait. From there, I’ll head to New York City to start my new adventure at the Central Park Horse Show. The work and fun has already begun. Hope to see so many of you along the way!

The horse that started it all. (Smiling after we reunited when I visited him during his retirement on my road trip from CA to FL – May 2014)


May 12th, 2015


On the road, Middleburg Tack Exchange – June 2015


Reaction: American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown – June 2015

Me: “Is this real life?” – July 2015


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