Horse Show Faces: Upperville

“I’m from Virginia Beach. This is my second time at Upperville. I actually like watching the ladies’ side saddle. It’s just kind of neat to see the old stuff. This is like old Virginia, and it’s kind of interesting because, even though it’s a big show, a lot of people who are locals won’t show all year, but they’ll do Upperville. So it kind of has a local feel to it. And it’s funny, even the side saddle class, I’ve seen people grab their grandma’s side saddle and try it. It’s really neat. And the lead line is a huge highlight. They really go all out.”


“’Say horse show!’ This is her first lead line.”


“His name is Stylist. I saw him when he was born and I was like, I want him so bad. And then he was sold. So, my trainer was like, well he’s coming back and the lady’s taking a different horse. And I was like, Mom, if he comes back I’m buying him. So he was my 16th birthday present. He’s awesome. This is his first show under saddle.”


“Ask him if he wants a cookie, that’s the trick. This is Cody, actually it’s Buffalo Bill Cody, and this is just Bessy. She’s real quiet and he’s really attached to me since I raised him. I got her when she was two or three. He’s in charge. They’re really smart. They learn very quickly. When you’re laying around the house, they’re lumps, but if you’re out doing something, they’re ready to do it. These are my fifth and sixth corgis. Once you have a corgi, you’ll always want a corgi.”


“This is Super Flashy, but his registered name is Carni’s Last Stand. He likes to get real close to people. He would like to sit on your lap, but he just hasn’t figured out how to do it yet. He’s wearing an Hermes blanket that they give to the winners of the Hermes Grand Prix. They gave it to him as a gift when he started showing. We clash wonderfully.

We’re doing the thoroughbred shows. This is his first time at Upperville, and so it’s an experiment. I saw him run his last race. Now he’s cross training in both dressage and jumping. We started him out in hunters because it’s slower and it doesn’t kick in that speed button. So once he gets comfortable, we’ll move him to jumpers.

I’m writing a book on him. I write trashy spy novels for fun, but now I’m writing a book for him. It’s about his journey. His track owners called me up and said, I think this horse has decided he doesn’t want to race anymore and we want him to have a good home. And so we met, and he picked me, and he came home with me. He was bred in Maryland. His grand sire was Northern Dancer. Northern Dancer won the Preakness and the Derby, but he did not win the Belmont. So he’s a double crowner not a triple crowner. His track owner now comes to all of his shows, so he’s got a good following. The idea is to write the book from his point of view about all the things he’s gone through, and get him to a high enough level in the non-track world so that we can sell the book and raise money for the thoroughbred rescue.”


“We’re from Maryland and D.C. We have a joint photography account with another girl from our barn too. On Instagram we put who takes what photo. Riders I really like are Hunter Holloway and Victoria Colvin. We went and saw her earlier this morning.”


Do you all ride together? (all, in unison) “Yeah.”
Any favorite riders? (all, in unison) “Tori.”
“She’s just won so many shows. She’s really good.”


“These shoes are actually pretty old. Everybody’s like, why would you wear those? I’m like, BECAUSE.”

“This is Geoffrey, a Giraffe from Africa. That’s his registered name. He’s 18.1. hands. You can have your picture taken with him. He’s a wonderful horse. He’s very giving. He’s an eventer and he’s awesome on cross country.”


“I went to the coffee kiosk across the way and, it was so cute, he had carrots. Right next to the biscotti!”


“I was laughing so hard because a lady just walked up and ordered a frozen banana with sprinkles, and she said it’s not really for me, and so I figured it was for her grandchild or something, but she said, ‘It’s for my horse!’”


“Is this for an old timers blog? I’m sure that photo turned out really well.”


“The Bloody Mary mix we’ve been making from my mother-in-law’s recipe for 50 years. A couple years ago we were giving them as gifts, and then people wanted to buy them. So we finally decided to bottle it, and we went through name after name after name. I grew up hunting and showing, and this is my son-in-law on the label. He was in Kentucky in law school and this lady took a picture of him in the hunt field and went back to her studio and painted the portrait. Well, it ended up in a gallery in Kentucky and his parents went down for his graduation and went in this art gallery and saw this portrait and recognized this horse. The horse’s name was Bubba. So they bought the portrait for him for his graduation present. He had no idea about it. So he married my daughter obviously, and after going through all these names we went over one day to let her dogs out for her, they had just moved into this new house and they had this portrait on the wall, and I saw it and said to my wife, there’s our label. And it just hits you like that. We call it Huntsmen. I’m having a blast with it, doing these shows and that sort of thing.”


“This is Jackson. He keeps me in line. I do the FEI in Wellington so he comes with me there too. When he’s here he spends most of his time with the blacksmith.”


“She likes Starbucks. She likes passion tea. She also likes lime fizzes. The people we got her from gave her mango smoothies when she was good. Usually if she gets into it she’ll start slurping. She drank three cups of iced tea the other day. She’s very interesting. I feed her everything. I fed her a donut this morning. I’ve literally never given her something that she didn’t try to eat.”


“We’re not showing today. We showed on Thursday. I do the Large Children’s Ponies and she does the Medium Children’s Ponies. She was a point away from Reserve and I was Champion. One point!!”

“I do the junior jumpers and the junior hunters. I signed to ride for South Carolina next year. I’m excited. I signed with them in April and I just graduated last week. I’ve been coming to Upperville my whole life. The lead line is fierce, I never got a ribbon. I think lead line is the hardest division.”


“I love you, I love you. He’s my Breyer pony I always wanted.”


“This is Dubarry and this is Joules. They have a famous mom who won Westminster. They were her last litter. And they have a sister who lives in the UK now and she just won a huge show over there in Bath, a big championship. It was only the fifth time a hound had one. These two are destined for the show ring. They’re 17 months right now. That first year they grow like horses. I say that that year they eat me out of house and home. Six of them live with me full time. We have great big puffs for them to sleep on, dog beds. Outside they have big sling beds they like to lie on. I’ve had the deerhounds for 35 years. The first one was born in 1975 on Christmas Eve.”


“This is Danny. He’s a yearling. This is his first time in the ring. He was good. It can take a few weeks to years to train them. He probably won’t take too long though, he’s calm.”

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