Horse Show Faces: Tryon Spring 7


“I’m working now designing for Saturday courses and then I go to Sunday and try to get ahead. I spend 3-4 hours a day working on the computer. You have to know your client, sometimes you go to circuits where the level is very low, so you have to do very simple courses at the beginning and then you go up. You are trying to simplify the day for everybody, so you do the main course, and then from there I need to figure out some different tracks for the rest of the day without moving anything. We only take about ten minutes to change for the next class, which is the difficult part working in the computer, but makes our lives easier out there.

I work in all the circuits around the US, in Canada, and Mexico. This week I’m here, next week I go to Calgary and Spruce. This season is my heavy season, like doing 13 weeks in a row, which is here, Calgary, Atlanta, Colorado, back to Calgary for two weeks, and then Chicago, here for two weeks, Ontario for two weeks. I love my job, that’s the important part.”



“He’s eating all the wood. He has a freaking hilarious personality. He’s got such a personality. He likes to smile a lot.”



“She wasn’t very happy that we made her do the equitation. I’m the designated videographer. I don’t do such a great job and they remind me of it.”



“I just got her, I’m really getting to know her. She’s used to a totally different ride. She’s actually a speed horse, it’s funny, but you wouldn’t think it. She’s 15.

And he just won the class. He’s only been out of the hospital for five months after having his eye removed. People didn’t think he would jump again but he’s doing well. I’m careful on the turn on that side, but we’ve been practicing a lot. We’ll whistle or tell him ‘left’. He’s a very quirky horse, but when he’s on it, he’s on it. He’s learning, he’s 9. The old owners spoiled him a lot – don’t get me wrong, he’s still very spoiled. He’s such a funny horse. He thinks he’s a puppy dog. He has no idea he’s a horse.

I’m very blessed to have them. I’m very excited.”


“This is my nephew Jacob, we’re from New Orleans. This is our first time here, we’re enjoying it.”

“My pony Buckaroo was so nice, but that inside line I messed up.”

“You’ve got to sit back and think about all the good rides you had, and then maybe think about how you can correct something, but think about your good stuff.”



“He’s probably the most quirky horse you’ll ever meet. Out of all of them, I’ve had him like eight years. I know him pretty well. He’s only 11. He’s kind of like a girl. He has all these things where he’s very special. We rebuilt the entire trailer for him because he didn’t like it before. I mean, anything he wants he gets, but when you have a horse for that long, he’s kind of taken care of you. If you touch his stomach, he doesn’t like it, but he loves his ears being rubbed.”



“I’ve been working with horses for 12 years. My favorite show is always Wellington. We were there four months. This is my second time at Tryon. It’s nice. The workers are here at night to get it done. I came here at 4:30am and they were working and when they start seeing the horses they stop working until night.”



“People always call him a paint but he’s a warmblood. There was another paint in the class so I was kinda mad he was stealing his thunder.”



“This is my double clear face.

I’m going to be a senior at UNC this year. I did the team for the first three years. I’m not doing it next year because I’m going to Ireland in the fall to study abroad. I commute back and forth to my barn outside Charlotte. So I go to school and I managed it so that I could get no Friday classes. I leave Thursday afternoons, come home, ride Thursday night, ride Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then go back. It’s very great. And it’s a lot of work for sure.”



“We’re waiting for the model. We had some moments, but it was good, really good.”


“Is he going to be a rider? We don’t know yet.”



“I’m doing junior riders in Kentucky this summer. I age out this year, so maybe I’ll do young riders next year. This is my first year so I’m kind of freaking out a little bit. My whole family is coming, literally. Both of my sisters ride and so they’re there all the time, and my mom travels to every horse show with me. But my dad is coming and he does not attend horse shows. My dad’s coming, my grandparents are coming, my cousins are coming, my aunt’s coming. Yeah it’s a little bit of pressure but they planned the whole week. We’re going to go out to dinner every night and go to all these shops because I’m not going to be showing all day like I am here, so they’re trying to make it fun. I’m excited.”



“She’s got three ponies so she’s literally showing all weekend. We go to all these shows and sometimes I think I’m the only Dad that goes.”


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