Horse Show Faces: Kentucky Spring


“In August that pony rally, oh man you’ve never seen so many kids in all your life. They wear me out, they do, they wear me out. I take some of their stuff home, they have so many boots. Some of them, they want their boots 2-3 times a day. They wear you out. It’s a lot of fun, I like meeting the people, because I fish a lot, sometimes I get good fishing places, you know talking to people. I’m retired, all I do is fish and go to church. I’m not here on Sundays. Every day but Sunday. I’ll be here.”



“She’s special. She loves treats. She’s really sweet to people. She loves to jump. She’s a baby, 8 years old.”



“Was that ‘Go Cavs’ I heard? They did call at the hotel and say my TV was a little loud last night. I said, there’s only four minutes left in the game, I promise, tell the neighbors. They’re like, your TV is a little loud, because we had both rooms and we’re all Cleveland fans.”


“I kind of have a secret crush on this horse.”



“I’m a little chilly, but it’s not so bad. We have the cute little grey horse that jumps the crap out of everything.”



– I actually did pony finals here and my pony tried to run out the in-gate. I was like, No! I’m only 11, be nice to me! Yeah, there’s a lot of crying.

— Yeah, there’s a lot of bows, glitter.

– And a lot of moms braiding hair.

— And this is when you see all the dads. All the dads flock out. They have no idea what’s happening. They just wander around. They all look so, you can tell they’ve never been here before. They’re so touristy. It’s really cute.

– There’s a lot of colorful socks too. I feel like that’s when you’re really into colored socks.

—  There’s a lot of colors. A lot of energy.

– There’s a lot of energy. Negative and positive. People cry like, during their rounds and stuff.



“His favorite snack is kettle potato chips.”



“This is my first year as an amateur. It’s just so laid back. Like In Florida, Pat, the in-gate guy, whenever the amateurs would start, he would be like, Okay get on whenever you’re ready, but in Juniors they’re just like, Go go go.

I’m really happy I did do my last junior finals, I really wanted to do them. But it was definitely hard, especially first semester in college when everyone’s doing things on the weekend and I‘m flying back and forth. But it worked out and I made good friends anyways, and I enjoyed my experience, so I think I wouldn’t have changed it. And Florida you just can’t miss.”



“The horses won’t stand still with this wind sometimes.”



“You pose for them and not me! I rode him in his stall bareback, he’s learning how to be a kid’s horse. It works, they become bombproof pretty quickly. I made him a necklace full of daisies. I like having the young ones. Every summer since I’ve been in school, we’ve bought one in the summer. I do them in the adults all summer and then we sell them at the end. He’s the fourth. He’s going to be the perfect child’s horse.”



“I’m waiting for the rider to come. This is my first time grooming at a hunter/jumper show. I’m an eventer, so this is kind of new to me. I used to do hunter/jumper back when I was a little girl. I just love it all, I really do.”



“This is Muffin. Yeah, she has a reputation. She’s a redhead, a ginger snap.”



“I have one sort of riding superstition. I always wear my lucky swirled spurs.”



“This is his favorite place to be. He freaks out when he’s not on it.”

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