Dads with iPads at WEF

When I was competing at WEF, iPhones were rare, iPads were non-existent, and videos of our rounds were on VHS tapes. (Disclaimer- I’m 26 years old and this was less than 10 years ago.)

Fast forward to today’s live-streaming/tweeting/‘gramming #Acircuit, and you’ll be hard pressed to not notice the adorable phenomenon that I now call “Dads with iPads.” This also includes moms, grandparents, and superstar grooms, who all stand ring-side with their knuckles white as they grip your iPad with both hands (“Hold it HORIZONTALLY, Mom.”) And with eyes squinting, heart pounding, and lips pressed together in a line of complete concentration, they focus on capturing your round exactly as you would want it. Because they love you.


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