Photoshoot: Maddie & Carson with Alvarez

I knew Maddie Sellman’s equitation horse, Alvarez, was going to be a big personality before I even met him. It was around 5:30pm on the last Saturday of WEF that I found myself standing at the tree tunnel to Grand Prix Village as my phone lit up with an incoming text, “We will be there soon, Alvarez is walking so slow – lol.” About fifteen minutes later, two laughing girls and one very slow horse in tow rounded the corner of the nearby tent stalls and I knew were about to have fun.

In this shoot, I introduce you to Madison Sellman, of Beacon Hill, and Carson Mclendon, of North Run. Alvarez is Maddie’s adorable equitation horse who also goes by ‘Alvie’ and ‘Alvie-bae.’ Maddie and Carson met this year after becoming roommates-turned-BFFs for the WEF season, and the fun they have together is seriously infectious. Like, I-need-to-text-my-best-friend-from-high-school-that-I-love-her-RIGHT-NOW infectious. Our photoshoot was spent laughing, chatting non-stop, and did I mention that Maddie taught Alviebae to give kisses? There were lots and lots of kisses, and I’m pretty sure Alvie is just thinking, “You jealous????” in half of these photos, as Carson laughs with Maddie in the background, “He’s perfect. Just perfect!

A-circuit life brings early mornings and late nights, endless training, and long absences from school, classmates, and the comforts of home. Maddie & Carson are a wonderful example of the lasting friendships formed through horse shows that make all of the above worth it, and more.

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