Photoshoot: Adele & Sophie with Kocu & Moe

When you get two girls and two horses together to take photos, I promise it will totally make your day. Laughing A LOT, discussing exciting college plans, climbing fences, getting mobbed by velvety noses for carrots, and re-enacting everyone’s favorite #AwkwardProm photos – there wasn’t a dull moment during my shoot with Adele McKenna and Sophie Vigeland, both of Beacon Hill Show Stables, and their horses Kocu and Ultimo Aka “Moe.” Our shoot was also bittersweet because Moe was set to leave for his new home days later, and so we managed to all get together just in time to capture some extra special moments for Sophie before his departure.

While I was familiar with Adele and Sophie from spending my Sunday mornings at the big eq classes throughout WEF, after meeting them I made sure I was ring-side during the final two weekends after our shoot to cheer them on. After Moe’s departure, Sophie had a very successful ride on an equitation horse named Morris, and I was super excited to hear recently from her that she’ll now be riding him the rest of the year. Adele also finished her last two weeks of WEF strong, including an 88 in the WIHS Jumper Phase the morning after our shoot and fun in the WEF 12 Hunter Derby.

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