Top 10 Jumps at WEF 2015

There was no shortage of unique jumps at WEF this year – some designed to turn your horse into a wide-eyed giraffe four strides out, some designed by prominent sponsors of the equestrian sport, and some designed with local flair in mind. After much ring-side deliberation, these are the Top 10 Jumps at WEF 2015. Sorry, hunters, after a while the turf and painted trees all started to blend together.


10. Wagon Wheel

The understated, gold and black wagon wheel jump usually found in DeNemethy takes us back to the basics. Sure, your junior jumper in his bedazzled bonnet may be a far cry from the horses that settlers used to pull their stage coaches and covered wagons, but you have to know your roots. Then jump them.


9. 90.7 Classical South Florida

This jump showed up infrequently in the Mogavero ring, but it might be the most silly sponsor jump of the show. How else could you illustrate a classical music radio station than with a heron playing a cello? Next year, if we don’t see an alligator conducting an orchestra on this jump I will be extremely disappointed.


8. WEF Arches

The Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) arches appeared in the early show weeks but mysteriously disappeared in later ones. The large flag logos and different shades of blue highlight the striking shapes of this jump, which likely led to its vanishing mid-WEF as other jumps were architecturally intimidated.


7. Indulgent Baker

Some jumps are designed to distract the horse, but the affectionally dubbed “cookie jump” advertising The Indulgent Baker is most certainly designed to distract the rider. How can you possibly expect to focus on finding a distance when a brownie sundae is melting? It’s 9:30am and I’m ready for lunch.


6. SSG


Need a… hand… in getting over this jump?


5. Brick Wall


There is little room for error on this narrow, distracting jump made of solid (painted) brick, but once you’re over it you’ll be even more prepared for the concrete highway divider jump at Maclay Finals.


4. Jolicoeur Barn Doors

Martha Jolicoeur has a few different types of jumps at WEF, but the coolest by far are these bright stable doors with horse knockers on them. She has my business if she can find me the purple barn these doors came from.


3. Equestrio Magazine

Most jumps try to lure you in with their bright colors, but Equestrio Magazine goes black and white with stunning horse portraits on either side. Is it weird that these jump standards would totally go with my living room decor?


2. Hermes

I think at some point it was decided that the unofficial mark of “making it” was jumping over the iconic Hermes orange in the International ring. The jump is everything Hermes is – classic and simple but strong. Now is my complimentary bangle in the mail?


1. The Breakers

The top spot goes to the jump that could only be at WEF: the iconic Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. I want to meet whoever looked at the outside of The Breakers and thought, “That would make a great jump.” Plus, when you get a rail down here you’re actually knocking out a penthouse.


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